Jenkins Installation Using Podman

by Anish

Posted on Friday January 31, 2020



With the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.6 Beta released Podman was one of the first new features I have found. By offering a similar interface to the Docker command line.

podman - Client tool for managing containers. Can replace most features of the docker command for working with individual containers and images

In this example, we are going to install Jenkins using podman


Installation of Podman on RHEL7/Centos7

sudo subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-extras-rpms
sudo yum -y install podman

Installation of Podman on RHEL8

sudo yum module enable -y container-tools:1.0
sudo yum module install -y container-tools:1.0

Jenkins Installation

  • Create the following volumes to persist the Jenkins data using the following docker volume create commands:

    podman volume create jenkins-data
  • Download the jenkinsci/blueocean image and run it as a container in podman using the following podman container runcommand

    podman container run \
      --name jenkins-blueocean \
      --rm \
      --detach \
      --privileged \
      --publish 8080:8080 \
      --publish 50000:50000 \
      --volume jenkins-data:/var/jenkins_home \
      --volume jenkins-docker-certs:/certs/client:ro \
  • Check the Jenkins process is up and running

    [root@localhost ~]# podman ps
    41be560345af  /sbin/tini -- /us...  4 seconds ago Up 4 seconds ago>8080/tcp  jenkins-blueocean
  • Copy the automatically-generated alphanumeric password from the Jenkins container location /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword

    [root@localhost ~]# podman exec -it 68d350997923 sh
    / # cat /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword


    podman logs 68d350997923

Browse to http://localhost:8080 and wait until the Unlock Jenkins page appears.

Unlock Jenkin I

  • Custimze Plugins
    Customize Jenkins
  • Once all the Plugins are Installed
  • Create the required admin user
    Admin User creation for Jenkins
  • Open the webbrowser and go to address http://localhost:8080
  • Jenkins UI

    All right you have successfully created Jenkins start scheduling the jobs

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