virt-install ERROR Guest name 'centos' is already in use

by Anish

Posted on Tuesday June 26

Getting virt-install error guest name already in use

virt-install --virt-type kvm --name centos --ram 1024 \
  --disk centos-7.qcow2,format=qcow2 \
  --network network=default \
  --graphics vnc,listen= --noautoconsole \
  --os-type=linux --os-variant=centos7.0 \
  --location=CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1804.iso \
  --wait=-1 \
ERROR    Guest name 'centos' is already in use.

Type the command virsh in console

bash ~ virsh
Welcome to virsh, the virtualization interactive terminal.

Undefine centos

virsh # undefine centos
Domain centos has been undefined

Re-run the virt-install command

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