Kubernetes YAML/JSON Generator (Pods/Deployments/Service)

Use this tool to generate kubernetes Pods output in YAML and JSON

Configure Service

Service Name must be unique within a namespace
An empty namespace is equivalent to the "default"
Format app=nginx,env=staging
Valid values "None", empty string (""), or a valid IP .
LoadBalancer will get created with the IP specified in this field.
external reference CNAME
List of external Ip's leave Blank if not managed by external

Configure Metadata

Name must be unique within a namespace
An empty namespace is equivalent to the "default"
annotations to attach metadata
Format app=nginx,env=staging

Configure Container Spec

Docker Image Name Example: nginx
Name of the container DNS_LABEL
To add multiple commands use "," as delimeter ls -ltr,touch a
To add multiple argument use "," as delimeter
To add multiple pors use "," as delimeter 80,443
To add multiple volumeMounts use "," as delimeter
livenessProbe PATH
livenessProbe Port
livenessProbe scheme
readinessProbe PATH
readinessProbe Port
readinessProbe scheme
dnsConfig nameservers
dnsConfig searches
where pod will run

Add SecurityContext


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