RHEL8/Centos8 New Feature vs RHEL7/Centos7

by Anish

Posted on Monday October 21-2019

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The RHEL8 releases on 8.0 / May 7, 2019; 5 months ago. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (Ootpa) is based on Fedora 28, upstream Linux kernel 4.18, GCC 8.2, glibc 2.28, systemd 239, and GNOME 3.28

The CentOS-8 (1905) release platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Here are the some Notable Changes to latest Release.

Application Streams

RHEL 8.0/Centos8 introduces the concept of Application Streams. Each application stream will be supported from two to five years.

Application streams are fully supported for a predefined lifetime for example

Application Stream Release Date Retirement Date Release
varnish 6 May 2019 May 2022 8.0.0
postgresql 10 May 2019 May 2024 8.0.0.
- - - -


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is distributed through two main repositories and introduce Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI).

  • BaseOS
  • AppStream

Both repositories are required for a basic RHEL installation, and are available with all RHEL subscriptions.

  • RHEL8
sh-4.4# dnf repolist
ubi-8-appstream    Red Hat Universal Base Image 8 (RPMs) - AppStream   778
ubi-8-baseos       Red Hat Universal Base Image 8 (RPMs) - BaseOS      659
  • Centos 8
sh-4.4# dnf repolist
Last metadata expiration check: 0:08:52 ago on Sun Oct 20 11:54:48 2019.
repo id  repo name  status
AppStream  CentOS-8 - AppStream 5069
BaseOS CentOS-8 - Base  2835
extras CentOS-8 - Extras 3

Software and Packages

Package RHEL8/Centos8 RHEL7/Centos7
YUM YUM v4: Based on DNF technology YUM v3 used on RHEL 7/Centos7
Shells and command-line tools The nobody user replaces nfsnobody he nobody user and group pair with the ID of 99 and the nfsnobody user and group pair with the ID of 65534,
version control systems Git 2.18, Mercurial 4.8, and Subversion 1.10 and Concurrent Versions System (CVS) and Revision Control System (RCS), available in RHEL 7, are not distributed with RHEL 8 Older versions
Python Python 3 is the default Python Python 2.7 is the default Python
PHP distributed with PHP 7.2 distributed with PHP 5.4
Nodejs Node.js new in RHEL8 NA
Perl Perl 5.26 Perl 5.20
httpd Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37
nginx RHEL 8 introduces nginx 1.14 NA
Database MySQL 8.0, MariaDB 10.3,PostgreSQL 10 Redis 5. MongoDB database server is not included in RHEL 8.0 -
squid Squid 4.4 Older version of squid
Varnish Varnish Cache new in RHEL Varnish Cache 6.0 NA

New Web Console

webconsole RHEL8 RHEL7
Subscriptions The web console's Subscriptions page is now provided by the new subscription-manager-cockpit package. opensource
firewall The Networking page in the RHEL 8 web console now includes a Firewall section NA
Virtual Machine The Virtual Machines page can now be added to the RHEL 8 web console interface, which enables the user to create and manage libvirt-based virtual machines NA


Firewall RHEL8/Centos8 RHEL7/Centos7
nftables nftables replaces iptables, ip6tables, ebtables and arptables as the default network packet filtering framework iptables is default
firewalld firewalld uses nftables by default -


Virtualization RHEL8/Centos8 RHEL7
Virtualization qemu-kvm 2.12 qemu-kvm 1.5.3


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