kubernetes service external ip pending

by Anish

Posted on Friday January 18, 2019


This sample chapter extracted from the book, Kubernetes for DevOps .

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Well if you stuck in solving the problem of "kubernetes service external ip pending", let's visit the k8 concept once more time.

  • Run a Hello World application in your cluster:
# kubectl run hello-world --replicas=2 --labels="run=LoadBalancer" --image=gcr.io/google-samples/node-hello:1.0  --port=8080
deployment.apps/hello-world created
  • Create a Service object that exposes the deployment:
# kubectl expose deployment hello-world --type=LoadBalancer --name=lb-service
service/lb-service exposed
  • Display information about the Service:
# kubectl get services lb-service
NAME         TYPE           CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)          AGE
lb-service   LoadBalancer   <pending>     8080:31031/TCP   1m

After you create the service, it takes time for the cloud infrastructure to create the load balancer and write its IP address into the Service object

Well All the time passes still kubernetes service external ip pending ?

If Kubernetes is running in an environment that doesn't support LoadBalancer services, the load balancer will not be provisioned, but the service will still behave like a NodePort service, your cloud/K8 engine should support LoadBalancer Service

In that case if you manage to add or EIP or VIP to your node then you can attach to the EXTERNAL-IP of your TYPE=LoadBalancer in k8 cluster, for example attaching the EIP/VIP address to the node

root@kube-master:/home/ansible# kubectl patch svc lb-service  -p '{"spec": {"type": "LoadBalancer", "externalIPs":[""]}}'
service/lb-service patched
  • Display information about the Service:
root@kube-master:/home/ansible# kubectl get services lb-service
lb-service LoadBalancer 8080:31031/TCP 10m
  • so you can now access the service at that IP address
root@kube-master:/home/ansible# curl
Hello Kubernetes!

since it's kubernetes you may encounter some issues, feel free to poke me

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