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About SAML

  • AuthNRequest: The value of the SAMLRequest parameter is the Base64 encoding of a deflated <samlp:AuthnRequest> element.

  • SAMLResponse: The value of the SAMLResponse parameter is the base64 encoding of a <samlp:Response> element.

  • SAML Assertions SAML assertions are usually made about a subject, represented by the <Subject> element

  • SAML Protocols:: SAML Further reading

  • XML Signature Syntax and Processing : SAML assertions and SAML protocol request and response messages may be signed, if the signature is based on the SAML authority‚Äôs publicprivate key pair, non-repudiation of origin,the <ds:Signature> elements found directly within SAML assertions, requests, and responses

  • SAML and XML Encryption Syntax and Processing:: A <SubjectConfirmation> secret can be protected through the use of the <ds:KeyInfo> element within <SubjectConfirmationData>, which permits keys or other secrets to be encrypted.

    • An entire <Assertion> element may be encrypted
    • The <BaseID> or <NameID> element may be encrypted
    • An <Attribute> element may be encrypted

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